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    IRS Tax Settlements and Negotiations Ohio

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    Tax Attorney Kenneth Sheppard represents clients who have various tax issues.  Some clients may be facing a recent or pending termination of marriage (i.e. divorce and dissolution), and they need to know the tax consequences of spousal support, dependency exemptions, or filing status.  Other clients may have substantial income tax debt and they are seeking Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief. They may need to know whether their tax debts are dischargeable and what the treatment is for tax debts in a chapter 13 plan of reorganization.

    Tax Preparation

    The Tax Law Firm of Sheppard Law Offices can also help with delinquent tax preparation (personal and business), IRS negotiations, tax audits, and criminal tax issues.

    Because tax and bankruptcy issues go hand-in-hand, Sheppard Law Offices focuses its entire practice only on these two areas of law.  And to help our clients, we are unique in the fact that we have in-house tax preparation services to offer our clients. Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. is a Supervised Tax Return Preparer in our Columbus office.

    Income Tax Deadline

    Most people know that individuals are required to file their personal income tax returns or the proper extension on or before April 15th of each calendar year. However, one misconception about filing an extension for time to file a tax return is that payment is not due until the tax return is filed. Wrong. In fact, payment of the tax liability must still be made on or before the April 15th filing deadline. At Sheppard Law Offices, we not only help clients with delinquent tax return preparation, but many clients continue to come back to us each year to handle their current tax return preparation.

    Tax Negotiations

    Many small businesses are sole proprietorships. Many sole proprietors fail to properly report their income and deductions on the required schedules. Businesses normally find themselves in tax trouble when it comes to employment or payroll taxes. Cash flow problems surmount and the easiest place to find a large portion of cash is in the trust fund. At Sheppard Law Offices, we help small business owners rectify their past tax returns and establish priority to reduce their tax debt in the shortest amount of time.

    As time passes by, penalties and interest associated with various types of taxes overwhelm taxpayers. Penalties and interest can sometimes accumulate to be double or triple the amount of the original tax liability. Your specific situation will determine whether you are able to obtain an abatement of penalties. We can help you with trying to abate your penalties.

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    Tax Attorney Kenneth Sheppard can help you negotiate your IRS tax liabilities, penalties and interest. Mr. Sheppard’s practice is limited to IRS Negotiations and Settlements, federal and state individual and business tax return preparation, criminal tax, and IRS tax audits. At Sheppard Law Offices, we assist our clients by preparing delinquent tax returns, analyzing tax deficiencies, and negotiating settlements with the IRS (and some state taxing authorities). We can help you properly prepare and file Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, and Abatement of Penalty letters.

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