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Affordable Tax Law Attorneys in Newark, OH

If you’re a Central Ohio resident and you’re facing tax issues, including a tax audit by the IRS or State of Ohio, tax debts, or tax preparation concerns, contact our talented and experienced tax attorneys today. We have assisted thousands of Newark, OH and Central Ohio residents resolve their tax issues quickly and painlessly.

Dealing with tax issues is no picnic. Navigating the complex structures and guidelines of the IRS and State of Ohio can cause even the most financially savvy individual to end up with a headache. That’s why we make sure to approach every client on an individual basis, treating each aspect of their tax issue with care. Contact our tax attorneys today for a free consultation!

How We Can Help with Your Tax Issues

Not only are our tax attorneys experienced with tax debt resolution, liens, levies and appeals, we also have an in-house Supervised Tax Return Preparer, who provides tax preparation services to our clients. This can help you avoid potentially expensive and stressful tax situations down the line.

Filing your taxes with the support of a knowledgeable team can ensure that you save money, time, and energy with the process. Our tax attorneys can help ensure that your taxes are filed properly, and you have the right guidance to help you make beneficial financial decisions for years to come.

We can also provide valuable support and guidance if you are facing an IRS tax audit. Many people are rightfully overwhelmed with the idea of navigating an IRS tax audit. However, you don’t have to do it alone. Our dedicated tax attorneys can help you determine and follow the right course of action to bring about the best possible resolution. We can also help you if you are facing a Debtor’s Examination brought in State Court by the State of Ohio. 

How Much Will Legal Help with My Tax Issues Cost?

At Sheppard Law, we know that cost plays an important role in many peoples’ determination of whether or not they can afford to call on legal professionals for their tax situation. We ensure that our services are affordable, and accessible for everyone – no matter your background, lifestyle, or financial standing.

Our tax attorneys are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and talented when it comes to tax preparation, tax audit management, and tax debt resolution. We bring that base of reliable information to every case we take on, and we price our services so they are able to benefit everyone.

Facing an IRS Audit? We can Help You Regain Financial Freedom

If you’re facing an IRS tax audit, tax debt obligations, federal tax liens and tax levies, or just feeling overwhelmed with tax preparation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our tax lawyers are standing by to offer you guidance on what to do next, and set your mind at ease.

We always offer free consultations to all new clients, and will approach your tax situation with sensitivity and care. We are always discreet and upfront about costs. Call us now for a free consultation and start your process towards financial freedom today!