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Are you in the middle of a difficult divorce requiring a dissolution lawyer in Columbus, OH? Dissolution of marriage in Ohio can be a painful, challenging experience. Furthermore, dissolutions may involve complex legal issues such as ending a common law marriage, dividing marital assets, alimony, and child custody arrangements.

To confidently navigate the complexities of your dissolution, you need an experienced marriage dissolution lawyer. We can help. Our Dissolution Lawyer in Columbus, OH, will do all the legal work for you. 

Sheppard Law Offices is a full-service law firm located in Columbus, Ohio, that takes care of all aspects of the marriage dissolution process. Call us now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Why Do I Need a Dissolution Lawyer in Columbus, OH?

Dissolution Lawyer Columbus, OHA dissolution lawyer in Columbus, OH, will help you to get through a divorce without any issues.


Your search for a good lawyer in Ohio state should begin with who’s had experience in the relevant practice area. Asking yourself what you want from your dissolution attorney is crucial, but more important is figuring out who can give you that. To find the right fit for your case, someone who’s been practicing family law and divorce for as long as possible is your best choice. The divorce attorney at Sheppard Law Offices has many years of experience handling legal matters, giving us hold on what works and doesn’t.

Good track record

A reliable Columbus dissolution lawyer should have a good record, and Sheppard Law Offices has a solid track record of success. The marriage dissolution attorneys at Sheppard Law Office are committed to helping our clients find solutions to their problems and get through difficult times with as little disruption to their lives as possible.

Legal Knowledge

We have years of experience helping people like you with dissolutions at Sheppard Law Offices. We’ve helped countless people get through these trying times and know that there are many things to consider. Our Columbus dissolution attorney can help you through the process from start to finish by providing legal services in the following areas:

  • Family law
  • Child custody
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support

We understand how hard it can be to go through a divorce process, but we’re here to provide you with advice that will ease some of the burdens.


Sheppard Law Offices is all about compassion. Most law offices are cold, sterile places where people go to do business -but a family law attorney is someone you need to talk to when the fate of your entire family is in your hands, and you must trust that person.

At Sheppard Law Offices, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that you can feel at ease in our office. We’re not just attorneys, we’re divorce lawyers who care about what’s happening in your life, and we want to help you through this difficult time as quickly and with as little stress as possible.

What are you waiting for? Hire the legal service of our Columbus divorce lawyer now!

What is Marriage Dissolution in Ohio?

A dissolution of marriage is a legal proceeding in which both parties agree to end their marriage. Neither party is required to prove reasons for dissolving a marriage. 

To obtain a dissolution in Ohio, both spouses must sign the petition and include a separation agreement for the court to incorporate into the final judgment. The separation agreement must address the following:

  • Division of all property
  • Spousal support
  • Custody of children and visitation (if there are minor children)
  • If there are minor children, the designation of a “residential parent” and “legal custodian” and
  • Child support (if there are minor children)

After the wife and husband have signed a separation agreement covering all property, spousal support, and any child-related issues, a dissolution petition is filed jointly. 

The parties must wait at least 30 days after filing the petition before the court will review their case, which needs to be heard within 90 days of filing. The court will analyze the separation agreement, inquire about assets and liabilities, and evaluate if the parties understand and are content with the settlement at the hearing.

If the court believes that the parties agree and want to end their marriage, it will issue a dissolution and create the separation agreement as a court order.

If you are uncertain whether you can file for dissolution, please call an Ohio dissolution lawyer.

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Who May Request a Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio?

There are two main requirements to petition for dissolution in Ohio: the state’s residency requirement and the agreement.

Ohio’s Dissolution Residency Requirement

According to the Ohio Revised Code 3105.62 (2022), you or your spouse must have lived in Ohio for at least six months before filing the initial petition for dissolution.

Dissolution Separation Agreement in Ohio

To be eligible for an Ohio dissolution, you and your spouse must have a documented marital settlement agreement (also known as a “separation agreement” in Ohio) that covers all of the following:

  • The division of your assets and the distribution of your debts
  • In Ohio, alimony is known as “spousal support,” and
  • If you have minor children, consider how you will divide parental rights and obligations, such as legal and physical custody, a thorough parenting (visiting rights) plan, and child support.

You may also allow a judge to change the property and spousal support terms in the future in your agreement.

Unsure whether you can file for dissolution? The Ohio dissolution lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices can help. Call now to speak with a dissolution lawyer near you.

How Do I File for Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio?

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Waiver of Summons is the primary document you need to file for marriage dissolution in Ohio. On the Ohio Judicial System website, you may obtain the customary court forms for dissolution of marriage.

Completion of the Petition

The first step is to complete and sign the petition with your spouse. You must include your executed settlement agreement along with the other required documents. Check with the court clerk’s office in the county where you will be filing to determine if there are any additional forms or requirements. You may even utilize an online divorce service to supply you with the complete forms.

Submission of the Petition

Because both spouses are considered “plaintiffs” in a dissolution proceeding in Ohio, you’ll submit the petition and associated papers with the Court of Common Pleas in the county where either of you has lived for 90 days. If neither of you meets the 90-day minimum in any county, you may be able to file anyplace in Ohio with your spouse’s permission; check with the court clerk’s office to determine if this is permitted where you want to file.

In the event of waiving request submission

The filing cost for dissolution varies by county (and usually is more if you have children) but is commonly between $150 and $400. Typically, you and your partner will share the expense. However, if you cannot afford the cost, you may submit a request to have it waived. Due to the absence of a requirement to serve the petition or submit an answer to the dissolution petition, you will not be required to pay extra costs for these actions.

What is the Difference Between Dissolution and Divorce?

In many states, “divorce” and “dissolution” mean the same thing. Ohio is different. In this state, “dissolution of marriage” is the same as “divorce” in the law and real life: it ends the marriage. But they can differ in requirements, procedures, and benefits, according to Ohio law.

  • Agreement. In Ohio, you and your partner must agree on all the details if you want to dissolve your marriage legally. In most other states, this procedure is called an “uncontested divorce.” In Ohio, divorce proceedings also called “contested divorce,” in other states, you and your spouse will have to go through a legal process that can take a long time and end with a trial so that a judge can decide who gets what.
  • Cost. You and your spouse can save money when you petition for dissolution by sharing the filing fee instead of paying to file separate documents. Also, you can probably get a dissolution without hiring lawyers if you do it yourself. This will save you even more money on the usual cost of a divorce.
  • Easy and quick. With a dissolution, you can overlook many steps needed to get a divorce in Ohio. You can use an online divorce service if you need help with the paperwork. The end of dissolution is almost always much faster than the end of a divorce.

Why are the Advantages of Marriage Dissolution?

A dissolution would allow you to maintain control and develop solutions that meet your family’s specific needs. A dissolution avoids costly legal battles, maintains the highest level of privacy, and permits couples to end their marriage as quickly as possible.

Successfully dissolved couples typically maintain a stronger working relationship in the future. There will be significantly less strain on the couple and their children. Instead of depleting them in a costly legal battle, family assets may be preserved for the future.

Even if there is substantial wealth, business ownership, a professional practice, or children with special needs, dissolution is an excellent option. If a dissolution agreement is not feasible for your family, we may consider mediation or collaborative law to help you obtain a divorce outside of court.

More Reasons To Choose Dissolution

Unlike a contested divorce, the dissolution of your marriage has several advantages, including

  • Reduced expense. Marriage dissolution is significantly less expensive than a contested divorce. Generally, it resolves faster, and all forms can be submitted at once.
  • Reduced anxiety. Divorces that are contested are highly stressful to spouses and children of the marriage. However, an amicable divorce in which all divorce-related issues are settled is significantly less stressful than a court battle.
  • There is no need to appear in court. A divorce eliminates the need for court intervention. Instead, an Ohio dissolution attorney can draft and file all required documents, and for the final hearing, both parties can meet with a private judge who can hold the hearing in our offices.
  • The family’s assets need not be frozen. Family assets such as savings accounts, insurance policies, and vehicles are frozen in a contested divorce. This prevents a spouse from draining the family’s bank account, but it can put both parties under financial strain until the divorce case is finalized.

How Long Will It Take to Complete a Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio?

You and your spouse decide how long it takes to reach a separation agreement. The process could take longer if you have more (or more complicated) disagreements to deal with and if neither of you is willing to give in.

After you’ve come to an agreement and filed your dissolution papers, you’ll have to wait at least 30 days for a hearing. But the hearing must be set within 90 days of the date the case was filed.

Final Swearing of Voluntary Agreement

At the hearing, you and your spouse must show up and swear to the judge that the agreement was voluntary, that you’re happy with it, and that you want to dissolve the marriage. After reviewing the parenting plan to ensure it is in your children’s best interests, the judge will sign the final dissolution decree if they agree with your agreement. Your agreement will be part of the decree, so the judge can make it happen as a court order.

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If you’ve been served with divorce papers, you might want to call our dissolution lawyer in Columbus Ohio, immediately to ensure your rights are protected. You’re going through a challenging time, but when you work with us, we’ll provide the support and guidance you need to make it through as quickly and efficiently 

as possible. 

Here’s what Sheppard Law Offices can do for you:

  • Assist with the initial paperwork and filing of the case
  • Help find a fair settlement or divorce agreement.
  • Gather all relevant information about your assets and debts
  • Help you move forward and adjust to a new life after the divorce proceedings.

We are here to help you dissolve a marriage in Ohio. Our attorneys have years of experience and are ready to offer counsel. Please call or email our Columbus divorce attorney for legal advice.

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