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Why Do I Need a Columbus Family Law Firm?

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Families are defined in broad terms – whether your family includes parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, siblings, or even more distant relatives, it can be an essential part of your life. And sometimes, families experience challenging situations that require the help of a family lawyer.

An experienced family law firm can help you protect your rights and interests in these situations:

  • Divorce or legal separation: More than two people are affected when marriages end. A divorce attorney can help you overcome this difficult time while protecting your legal rights.
  • Property division: The best lawyer will help you establish property ownership and division if you’re getting divorced or legally separated.
  • Child custody: You might have questions about handling child custody and visitation arrangements while going through a divorce case or separation proceedings.
  • Child support: If your former spouse is required to pay child support after divorce or separation, a family lawyer can help to ensure they are held accountable for the payments.

When Choosing a Columbus Family Law Firm:

  • Focus on finding someone with experience in the type of case you have: There are subtle differences between divorce and custody cases. For example, an attorney focusing on one area might need to be better versed in the other.
  • Look at the size of the firm: A more prominent firm will have more resources available, but they’re more likely to have more lawyers working on your case, which can mean a longer wait for responses and less one-on-one attention. Smaller firms may only be able to offer some of the services larger firms can, but they’re usually more responsive because they don’t need large teams to get things done.
  • Consider how many years the attorneys have been practicing law: Experience matters when dealing with someone trying to take away what’s most precious to you. It’s worth it to pay extra for someone with enough experience and who knows how to avoid common pitfalls.

Sheppard Law Offices has all of these factors, but more than that, we have shown we care about our clients by providing them with more than just our legal experience. We are committed to providing real-world solutions that effectively deal with your legal problems and give you hope for your future. Please call and schedule an appointment today to learn more about our law firm and legal services.

What is Family Law?

Family law is the collection of laws and legislation relating to matters that severely and significantly impact family relationships. While family law is frequently associated with divorce procedures, the reality is that it covers a vast range of topics that touch all aspects of personal and family life. Contact a Columbus family law attorney if you need more information.

What is the purpose of family law?

Family law defines and protects family members’ rights and duties in various scenarios. It is intended to serve as a framework for obtaining equitable outcomes for all family members affected, whether adults or children.

Family law is an emotionally-charged law field because it frequently deals with broken relationships and disputes. As a result, family law attorneys must have legal experience, a good knowledge of individuals, and how to support them respectfully.

What is the scope of family law?

You should see a family law attorney if your family law case contains any of the following concerns:

Marriage Law

Marriage law, sometimes known as marital law, encompasses many family legal issues. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, marriage contracts, marital property arrangements, same-sex marriage, common law marriage, state marriage license requirements, age of consent marriage, name changes, and other cases are all popular topics.

Divorce and Spousal Support

Divorce, annulment, legal separation, and any other type of dissolution of marriage must be done by court order.

Child Custody and Support

When parents divorce, the courts must defend the child’s best interests. When a child’s parents are not married, the same rules apply. Child support and visitation plans will be subject to court approval in both circumstances.

Adoption and Foster Care

If there is suspicion of neglect at home or a child is to be put in a foster arrangement, the state may step in. Family court proceedings may be distinct from criminal proceedings.

Parental Liability and Emancipation

Your child’s activities may make you liable as a parent, necessitating legal assistance. If a minor reaches the age and maturity required to live by themselves, a court of law could grant emancipation.

What Exactly Does A Family Lawyer Do?

Divorce and separation, child contact and adoption, local authority care orders, and financial settlements are all handled by family lawyers.

Lawyers take initial details, gather evidence, including financial proof, prepare appropriate documents, negotiate settlements and contact residency for children, refer to mediation, and advocate for the client in hearings while acting for a client seeking a divorce. Instructing counsel and accompanying counsel to court may also be part of the job. Child law lawyers may also represent parties in care procedures, such as parents, children, or local authorities.

A divorce lawyer can also advise on the grounds of divorce or civil partnership dissolution before marriage to preserve someone’s financial interests. Some family lawyers may focus on adoption, paternity, reproductive rights, emancipation, and other non-divorce-related issues. They are also in charge of maintaining family properties, attending mediation meetings, and providing legal advice.

Most lawyers focus on one or more areas of law, such as housing law, mediation and collaboration law, and immigration and asylum law.

Columbus, OH, And Family Law Matters

The state capital and most well-known city in Ohio is Columbus City. It is the third most popular city in the United States because it has a large population. It is named after Christopher Columbus, the great explorer who discovered the country. The city is also the proud home of some of the world’s most influential inventions and products, like jets and America Electric power.

Columbus has become a popular tourist spot because it has a world-famous zoo, a top-ranked museum, galleries, the best parks, and one of the best football schools in North America. When tourists come to Columbus to look around, they can choose from a wide range of things to do.

Due to the city’s growth and popularity, some troublesome issues regarding family law have come about. There have been reports of domestic violence and many other crimes in the city.

If you are a resident of the Columbus area considering a divorce or have a family law issue, you may have come across Sheppard Law Office.

Our law firm has represented thousands of clients and helped them deal with various cases and diverse topics related to family law. Family law is a sensitive subject, especially if the case involves children or relatives. Here at Sheppard Law Office, our attorneys take great pride in helping our clients through these difficult times. We have done so for many years and hope to continue doing so for many years.

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