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Estate planning, or the legal process of formalizing how assets will be distributed in the event of one’s demise, is something many people avoid doing. What happens to our assets after we die isn’t always the easiest issue to contemplate. But with the help of an experienced attorney, probate and estate planning needn’t be a difficult or painful exercise. And the estate planning process can bring a wealth of benefits for the family of the deceased, including greater clarity in the handling of a Will, less conflict within the family, and even reduced estate and inheritance taxes.

An estate planning attorney at Sheppard Law Offices can help you successfully plan how your estate will be handled. With five locations across Ohio, we’re readily available to guide you through the process, so you can gain the reassurance that your affairs are in order with minimal stress and disruption to your daily life.

Here are three good reasons to work with an attorney to develop a clear, legally valid estate plan.

Handling a deceased person’s estate can be stressful

Dealing with a loved one’s passing is always going to be distressing. But without clear estate guidance in place, a difficult situation can rapidly escalate into tension and conflict. Emotions run high during a time of grief, and the fallout from a perceived mishandling of a deceased loved one’s wishes can be devastating to a family’s dynamic — especially if the dispute ends up in an Ohio Probate court.

At Sheppard Law Offices, one of our experienced estate planning lawyers can work with you to enshrine your wishes in clear, incontestable terms. And with a legally unambiguous Will or Trust in place, you can rest easy knowing that you’re drastically reducing the likelihood of unnecessary conflict.

An estate plan protects your loved ones

Setting the emotional incentives for clear estate planning aside, there are a number of decidedly pragmatic reasons to set your affairs in order. Chief among these is taxation. Your estate may be subject to both federal and Ohio state estate and income taxes, and without careful management, the impact of these tax codes can be financially significant. Our legal team at Sheppard Law offices are experienced in taxation, probate, and estate planning and we can work with you to minimize the tax and probate burdens on your heirs and family at large.

There are also state intestacy succession laws to consider. When an Ohio resident dies without having left a Will, Title 21 of the Ohio Revised Code will dictate how assets are divided. Your family’s wishes may bear little to no impact on those decisions. This can add significant complexity to the lives of any family, but these problems are greatly compounded if you have had children across multiple marriages, or if you seek to divide your assets across both family and close friends. Having a Will or Trust in place ensures that your critical asset decisions remain exactly that: your decision.

With clarity comes peace of mind

It’s also worth acknowledging the immense positive impact that estate planning can have on your and your family’s well-being not just in the (hopefully distant) future, but right now. While it may be a lot more fun to plan your next big vacation or home purchase, it’s difficult to place a dollar value on peace of mind.

Meeting with a Sheppard Law Offices estate planning lawyer to carefully plan out how your estate will be handled means that you and your family can stop worrying about the unknown. And this, of course, means you can get on with the joys of living.

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Deciding how you’d like your estate managed after you pass away may feel confronting, and it’s an easy task to set aside. But formalizing those important estate planning decisions now can save your loved ones much confusion, conflict, and financial hardship later on. 

Sheppard Law Offices can make the estate planning process easy for you. Available across any of our five Ohio locations in Akron, Canton, Columbus, Mt Vernon and Newark, our team of probate, estate planning, and tax attorneys can offer you clear and compassionate legal advice seasoned by decades of practical experience and a deep understanding of Ohio inheritance laws. 

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