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Mount Vernon, Ohio Estate Planning

Let the experienced Mount Vernon attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices ensure your estate plan is in accordance with your goals and wishes. An effective estate plan includes Wills, living wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, and they are a fantastic way to organize your affairs and minimize disputes in the event of death. Get your estate in order today and see just how much of a relief it is to have a plan for everything. Contact a leading estate planning attorney from Sheppard Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation.

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Mount Vernon Estate Planning Lawyers

When it comes to estate planning, nobody does it better than Sheppard Law Offices. Our experienced estate planning attorneys are here to help you draft and implement an effective estate plan so you can be sure that your loved ones distribute your assets according to your wishes. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys.

We offer many services when it comes to estate planning. At Sheppard Law Offices, our Mount Vernon, Ohio estate planning lawyers can help you set up a Will, a living trust, living will, and powers of attorney for you or a loved one. Our Mt Vernon estate planning attorneys have the skill and experience to assist you in planning, organizing, and executing your estate.

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Estate Planning Services in Mount Vernon, OH

Anyone in any stage of life can benefit from estate planning. Whether you’re a single Millennial, a senior with grandchildren, or anyone in between, the Mount Vernon estate planning lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices can help you figure out how to direct your assets and belongings.

Estate planning encompasses more than just your home; it can consist of business succession planning, charitable giving, inheritance planning, medical directives, retirement accounts, etc. Our Mount Vernon, OH estate planning attorneys are reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding all types of estate planning and can help you with your unique situation.

Will Lawyers in Mount Vernon OH

Sheppard Law Offices’ Will lawyers in Mt Vernon, Ohio can help you oversee the Will creation process to ensure that your loved ones are set up for success years from now. When you set up a Last Will and Testament, you guarantee your family’s financial wellness, no matter your age or life stage. Establishing a functional Will is even more crucial if you have many assets you want to protect after you are gone. Our team of Will attorneys treats your unique case with the utmost care and discretion it deserves.

Wills, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney

The most common documents we draft to help clients plan their estate are Wills, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney. A Will does not become effective until the Will Maker passes away.  The Will has no legal significance until death occurs. That is contrary for Living Wills and Powers of Attorney. These latter estate planning documents take effect immediately upon executing the documents.  They help the person who signed them right away. The Will outlines who the executor should be and how the Will Maker’s affairs should be handled upon his or her death.  The Living Will provides the Agent with the authority to make a decision as to withdraw or withhold artificial nutrition and hydration if the Principal is in a permanently unconscious state.  The powers of attorney help the principal to have the Agent have authority to make financial and health care decisions while the Principal is not able to do so for himself or helf, but death is not impending.

Although the Will and Living Will sound similar, a Will and a living will serve distinctly different purposes.

Do I need a will in Mount Vernon, OH?

In nearly all cases, everyone should have a basic estate plan, which includes a Last Will & Testament. If you do not execute a Will before your death, your estate will pass by the State of Ohio’s Laws of Intestacy. In the case of an intestate estate, the probate judge will use the Ohio Probate Code to determine your beneficiaries to inherit your net assets. Beneficiaries are generally close relatives. The Laws of Intestacy direct a line of succession as to who inherits an intestate estate. So, while the state of Ohio does not obligate a person to execute a Will, failing to do so may confuse and cause conflict amongst remaining family members. For this reason, the estate planning attorneys at Sheppard Law highly suggest you implement some type of estate plan before it’s too late.

Mt Vernon Power of Attorney Lawyers

Our Mount Vernon law offices can also assist you with establishing your two powers of attorney. The Mt Vernon, OH power of attorney lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices can help you set up your healthcare and financial (durable) powers of attorney. We’ll work with you to decide if it makes more sense to establish a Will or a living trust, as well as incorporating your living will and powers of attorney. Our goal is to ensure that your descendants are financially cared for to avoid future probate issues. While our power of attorney lawyers in Mt Vernon, Ohio primarily focus on establishing revocable living trusts, we can create irrevocable trusts if that is what you need.

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What does a Power of Attorney do?

A power of attorney is an estate planning document whereby an individual (Agent) is appointed the right to make decisions for another party (Principal) should the Principal be unable to make decisions for himself or herself. There are two types of Powers of Attorney in the state of Ohio: Health Care Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney. The Agent is responsible for making decisions that are in the Principal’s best interest. If a power of attorney fits your goals for an estate plan, our estate planning attorneys in Mount Vernon, Ohio can help you establish one.

Mount Vernon, Ohio Trust Attorneys

The most common type of trust is called the Revocable Living Trust.  There are other types of trusts including irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, and more.  The individual who sets up the trust is called the trustor.  The trustor transfers assets to a person who is responsible for handling the assets. This person is called the trustee.  While the trustor may receive income from the trust during the trustor’s lifetime, once the trustor dies, the net trust assets pass to the trust beneficiary.

There are several reasons to establish such an arrangement, but one of the most common is to avoid probate.  Court oversight is not generally required for a revocable living trust.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning in Mount Vernon, OH

There are many frequently asked questions about estate planning: What happens to your estate after you die? How are assets divided? Where does a Will come into play? At Sheppard Law Offices, we understand that estate planning is a complex legal process that is often difficult to navigate, which is where our experienced estate planning attorneys come in.

Sheppard Law Offices’ team of estate planning lawyers in Mt Vernon, Ohio can help individuals and their families navigate the estate planning process, including setting up Wills, trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney. Our estate planning lawyers can also assist you through the inventorying and characterizing of your assets, how to take your loved one’s estate planning needs into account, determining beneficiaries, establishing key documents and legal directives, and more.

You can benefit from speaking with an experienced estate planning attorney to help you through this process, no matter the size of your estate. Contact our office in Mt Vernon, OH today to schedule a free consultation.

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Contact Our Mt Vernon, Ohio Estate Planning Attorneys

We know firsthand how overwhelming the estate planning process can be. But, with the help of our Mt Vernon, Ohio estate planning attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices, it doesn’t have to be. Our team is here to help you with the estate planning process from start to finish, no matter the size of your estate or your wishes. From identifying assets to writing critical legal documents that hold up in court, we are here to help you plan today to take care of your descendants tomorrow.

Contact our team at Sheppard Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can assist you with your estate planning so you can take care of your loved ones after you’re gone.

About Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, Ohio, where natural beauty and rich history come together to create the perfect destination for your next getaway. Nestled among rolling hills and lush forests, Mount Vernon offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers.

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Take a hike or a bike ride on the Kokosing Gap Trail, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Or explore the picturesque Black Fork of the Mohican River, perfect for fishing or a peaceful stroll.

For those interested in history, Mount Vernon has plenty to offer. Visit the Knox County Historical Society Museum and Research Library to learn about the city’s past and discover the stories that shaped the area. Don’t miss the annual Knox County Fair, one of the largest and oldest fairs in Ohio, featuring a variety of entertainment, food, and activities for all ages. 

If you and your family are living in such a beautiful place, you want to make sure that there future is set, even if the unthinkable should happen to you. Our Mount Vernon estate planning attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices are happy to provide you with the tools you need to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones. 

Our law office not only Mount Vernon but also the surrounding cities of Fredericktown, Danville, Gambier, Howard, Martinsburg, Newark, Utica, Bellville, Mansfield, Ashland and many more. We have the experience and resources to handle a wide range of legal matters, including personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and real estate.

If you need help with estate administration or probate, call our Mount Vernon law firm today to consult with a highly skilled attorney for legal advice. 

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