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Facing an IRS Tax Audit? Our Columbus Tax Lawyers are Ready to Help

Dealing with the IRS and all manner of tax issues can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why the tax lawyers at our Columbus office offer the very best assistance for all of your tax problems.

At Sheppard Law Offices, our caring and experienced tax attorneys ensure you receive personalized support for your unique tax situation – whether you’re dealing with back taxes or even a tax audit from the IRS. We can help you prepare delinquent tax returns, set up payment plans, submit Offers-in-Compromise, argue for the reduction of penalties, and more.

Our Tax Attorneys and Tax Professionals offer personalized service to assist you through a variety of tax situations, from back taxes and collections to IRS tax audits.

Are you trying to sell your house, but a tax lien is attached to it? We can help you obtain a release from the tax lien.

Did you receive a letter from the State of Ohio to appear at a Judgment Debtor’s Exam? We can help you navigate that process so that you may not have to go to court while working out a resolution with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office or one of its tax collectors.

When you realize that you’ve ended up in a less-than-ideal situation with the IRS or state of Ohio, we know that your feelings can run the gamut from fear to confusion and even denial. That’s why many people ignore the IRS – which is a big mistake. Whatever tax situation you’ve found yourself in, the problem isn’t going away on its own. And we can help you!

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