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    Our Free Initial Tax Consultation at Sheppard Law Offices

    Dealing with tax issues can be incredibly stressful, especially when you are trying to handle it on your own. Working with a knowledgeable, experienced tax attorney can help make the process much more smooth and increase your chances of success. Sheppard Law Offices is proud to offer legal tax assistance to our clients in the Columbus area.

    When a potential client (taxpayer) is interviewed either by telephone or face-to-face by Kenneth Sheppard, Jr., Tax Professional, we will request that an intake form be completed. The taxpayer should be ready to provide Mr. Sheppard with all documents received within the last 60 days from the taxing authorities. Mr. Sheppard will review letters that the taxpayer has received from the IRS, State and/or Local Department of Taxation. The taxpayer will be asked questions regarding their tax account(s) in order to establish a course of action.

    The First Step Before Any Tax Assistance Is Performed By Our Columbus Tax Attorneys

    Before any work is performed on behalf of our clients, a Power of Attorney will be completed for the individual or business entity in question along with a Fee Agreement and Affidavit. These documents will require signature(s) and a retainer must be paid before we start working on the case.

    As part of most initial plans of action, Sheppard Law Offices provides a tax investigation service where our tax law firm ascertains what specific tax problems the taxpayer faces. We will prepare a written explanation of our findings and suggest reasonable steps to begin solving your tax problems.

    With all of our legal services, we prioritize open communication and transparency with all of our clients. We are proud to offer free consultations, so please reach out to us today if you are dealing with tax issues and need legal assistance from our Tax Attorney.

    Unique Aspects of Our Columbus Tax Law Lawyers

    One of the most unique aspects of our Columbus tax law firm is that Sheppard Law Offices prepares income tax returns in-house. This provides our clients with the valuable service of keeping their entire tax matter under one firm’s care. Once we prepare your delinquent income tax returns, we ascertain your tax liability and any associated penalties and interest.

    At that time, the taxpayer will be explained the procedures for determining whether he or she qualifies for an Installment Agreement or an Offer in Compromise. In some cases, you can expect to receive a Financial Checklist and a Tax Preparation Checklist. The details of completion of these forms will be explained by our tax professionals.

    We employ a reasonably aggressive approach in handling our client’s tax problems. Our success in helping our tax clients has been deeply rooted in our direct approach both with our clients and the respective taxing authorities.

    Contact Sheppard Law Offices to discuss your particular situation. We proudly serve Central and Northeast Ohio with tax law offices in Akron, Canton, Columbus, Newark and Mount Vernon.

    Contact Sheppard Law Offices and Attorney Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. to discuss your particular situation. Call today to schedule your free free consultation consultation at (614) 523-3106.