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It’s a sad fact, but at some point in our lives, we’re all likely to suffer the death of a loved one or family member. These moments are, of course, emotionally distressing. But a death in the family can also be deeply demanding at a practical level. Aside from the general disruption of daily life, the family of the deceased may face a series of demanding legal challenges.

With six locations across Ohio, Sheppard Law Office’s team of probate attorneys are available to guide you through the legal complexities of a loved one’s passing. We can offer you the reassurance of knowing that your estate legal matters are in capable hands, giving you and your family the space you need to grieve.

Here’s how a Sheppard Law probate attorney can help you successfully navigate the Ohio probate legal system.

Financial guidance

If a loved one passes away with outstanding debts, you may feel that working with a probate attorney is a luxury you can’t afford. The reality is that a probate lawyer can provide invaluable guidance in how best to handle deceased estate debt, funeral expenses and similar financial complications. A probate attorney can help you prioritize any debt repayments and minimize long-term financial hardship for your family. A Sheppard Law Offices probate lawyer can also help you successfully navigate the taxation implications of inherited assets and funds. Our legal team draws from years of expertise across taxation, bankruptcy, and real estate law to give you clear insight into your available decisions and their financial implications.

During a difficult time, the last thing you may want to think about is money. But it’s often a vital consideration. A Sheppard Law Offices probate lawyer can help you make financially advantageous decisions with appreciably less stress and uncertainty.

Arbitration and mediation

Family relationships often come under strain when a loved one dies — particularly when complicated assets are involved, or if one or more heirs feel that a will may be invalid. Ohio probate law is complex. In the absence of firm legal guidance, a family can easily find itself mired in needless and damaging conflict. When someone harbors a grievance in how an estate is settled, the emotional damage within a family can be profound and long-lasting.

In these situations, an experienced probate lawyer can offer seasoned and astute legal counsel tempered with a perspective of calm impartiality. Compassionate and impartial mediation from an experienced probate lawyer can help diffuse tensions and pave the way for a more peaceable outcome.

Legal representation

We all hope that a loved one’s last will and testament can be executed in a straightforward and fair fashion, and without seeing the inside of a courtroom. However, sometimes this isn’t an option. Estate planning documents may be unclear, or family members may simply reach a point of intractable disagreement in interpreting their deceased family member’s intent. Whatever the cause, probate litigation in Ohio is an exacting legal process, with cases typically relying on a complex array of witness testimony and carefully acquired evidence.

By working with Sheppard Law Offices across any of our six Ohio locations, you gain access to vigorous and exacting probate legal representation. Our team has years of hard-won experience in building strong probate cases. Moreover, we offer you the benefit of seasoned and practical legal advice as you weigh the relative merits of pursuing a trial or seeking a settlement.

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The death of a loved one is an exceedingly difficult time, emotionally. Unfortunately, that personal hardship is often compounded by a barrage of practical day-to-day challenges — many of these with lasting legal implications. 

A Sheppard Law Offices probate lawyer can help, with clear financial guidance and compassionate mediation. And critically, when probate litigation is inevitable, we can help you achieve a fair resolution with strong and experienced legal representation.

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