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Tax Return Preparation

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Offering In-House Tax Preparation Services

Kenneth L. Sheppard, Sr., is a Supervised Tax Return Preparer at Sheppard Law Offices. Mr. Sheppard prepares and reviews all types of tax and informational returns, including employment, sales, business and income. He prepares amended tax returns and delinquent tax returns. Mr. Sheppard works with our tax clients to properly report their income and deductions on the required schedules.

Properly Report Your Income and Deductions

At Sheppard Law Offices, we represent individuals and small business owners throughout the nation, who are facing IRS tax liabilities, penalties, and interest problems. Many of our clients first need tax preparation services to resolve their tax problems, and we are ready to assist you against the IRS.

Contact Sheppard Law Offices to discuss your particular situation. For your convenience we have tax law offices in ColumbusNewark, and Mount Vernon, Ohio. Call today to schedule your free consultation at (614) 523-3106.

We Will Assist You Against The IRS

At Sheppard Law Offices Co., L.P.A., we offer in-house income tax preparation services. We provide tax preparation services for the current year, for delinquent (non-filed) tax return years, and we amend tax returns for prior tax years to correct deficiencies.

We are truly unique in that we are a tax law firm that offers in-house tax preparation services. We can help you identify your tax problem, help you become compliant with the IRS and other taxing authorities (i.e. prepare your tax returns), and assist you in the negotiation of your tax debt. If you have your own accountant or C.P.A., we can work with them to resolve your tax problems as well.

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