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    Tax Relief and Problems Ohio

    Struggling With Tax Debt?

     Too often, people ignore the IRS—big mistake. Your tax problems will not magically go away. Sooner than you expect, your tax liability, along with related penalties and interest, will accumulate to a point where the IRS will begin collection procedures against you. Getting out from under tax debt requires the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer in Columbus.

    How to Get IRS Tax Debt Relief

    • Resolving Back TaxesBack taxes can throw a wrench in your financial plans and be difficult to manage alone. When it comes to getting relief from back taxes, an experienced Columbus tax attorney can help you appeal penalties and interest, apply for payment assistance, and even get a fresh start from your tax debt problems.
    • Tax AppealsFacing tax debt is frustrating, but even more so if it’s based on an incorrect assessment by an IRS audit. Filing for an appeal can help get your taxes reevaluated. It’s important to consult a Columbus tax lawyer to determine if you have a strong case for appeal.
    • Tax Negotiations & SettlementsThe IRS collects its own tax debts. That means you have a fighting chance to negotiate with them concerning the amount you owe. You can avoid a bank levy, wage garnishment, and seizure of your assets by taking action now. You’ll want to have a tax attorney by your side to lead negotiations in order to get the low settlement you desire. A Columbus tax attorney can also help apply for an Offer in Compromise (OIC) which could allow you to pay back just a portion of your debts.

    How Sheppard Law Offices Helps with Tax Problems

    At Sheppard Law Offices, we help our tax clients resolve their IRS tax problems by first understanding what the tax problem truly is. We assist our clients in becoming compliant, which could include filing delinquent returns, etc. And we negotiate appeals and settlements with the IRS to get you the outcome you desire.

    Through our Columbus office and our 5 other branches in Central and Northeast Ohio, we have represented individuals and business owners from across the nation who are facing IRS tax liabilities, penalties, and interest problems. Whether your tax debt is as little as $10,000 or even greater than $500,000, the tax attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices are here to help. We have even resolved clients’ tax liabilities exceeding $1,000,000.

    IRS Tax Settlement

    No matter how small or big your tax liability may be, the Sheppard Law Offices in Columbus, Hilliard, Mount Vernon, Canton, Akron, and Newark are ready to assist you against the IRS. Whether your tax debts are due to a family law matter (such as a divorce), a bankruptcy, or are the result of a mistaken audit, our team of experienced tax attorneys is here to get you back to financial freedom. 

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