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Navigate Probate Issues with Our Canton, Ohio Probate Lawyers

You must take several actions when a family member passes away, including taking care of their belongings and assets, which could come with a series of challenging probate issues. Unexpected probate issues can lead to unnecessary stress on top of the grief you are already experiencing with losing a loved one. 

Make it easier on your loved ones by dealing with probate issues before they can profoundly affect your family with the help of an experienced probate lawyer. Sheppard Law Offices has a team of knowledgeable and dedicated probate lawyers in Canton, Ohio to guide you through the complex legal procedures regarding probate. 

We know every probate situation is different, so we are here to help you create a solution that benefits you and your loved ones. Contact our Canton, Ohio probate lawyers today for a free consultation so that you can achieve financial peace of mind.

Successfully Navigate the Probate Process With Our Canton, Ohio Probate Lawyers

At our Canton offices, we offer Full Estate Administration and Full Probate Services. In addition, our probate lawyers in Canton, Ohio have the expertise and knowledge to help you understand complex probate issues.

As part of the probate process, you have to prove that the deceased’s Will is legal and valid. Additionally, you are responsible for identifying, categorizing, and appraising the estate’s real and personal property. Other actions include paying any outstanding debts and taxes and distributing property. Sheppard Law Offices in Canton, OH can guide you through all of these steps to complete them seamlessly.

While probate laws are similar across states, the steps and timelines of them vary state by state. Our Canton probate lawyers can walk you through these timing issues so that you can open and close the probate case correctly. This includes promptly handling any creditor claims that come your way.

Canton, OH Probate Services

The type of probate service you need depends on the total value of the property in the estate. In addition full administration cases, there are shorter types of probate for smaller estates, including Relief from Administration and Summary Release from Administration. Within a few weeks or days our probate lawyers in Canton, OH can help you open and close these shorter types of probate cases. However, if you have a higher value estate case to deal with, the case length is longer – at least six to nine months or longer. Sheppard Law Offices provides probate services that include opening the estate, inventorying the estate, and partial and final accounting for the estate. Our Canton, OH probate lawyers can also help you navigate taxes and appropriately distribute assets.

Every probate situation is different. Our probate lawyers in Canton, Ohio can guide you through filing a full estate, a Relief from Administration, or a Summary Release from Administration.

We also provide guardianship services. Guardianship is also referred to as “Living Probate”. If you are caring for a loved one struggling to handle the mental load of the personal assistance or financial obligations, we can help you establish a living probate. A guardian is one who acts on behalf of the ward. There are reporting requirements to the probate court when acting as the guardian of the estate.  The guardian of the person acts in the best interest of the ward for medical and lifestyle decisions. The guardian has the authority to sign documents for the ward as the ward is declared incapacitated or incompetent by the probate court.

Contact Our Canton, OH Probate Lawyers

Dealing with losing a loved one is challenging, so Sheppard Law Offices in Canton, OH is here to help. Our Canton, OH probate lawyers can help you navigate the various legal probate proceedings and handle the unforeseen probate issues that may arise.

Let us help you lessen the emotional and financial obligations for you and your loved ones. Contact the team of probate lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices today for a free consultation to learn how we can assist you with your probate issues.

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