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Ohio Bankruptcy and Tax Attorneys

Situated in the Great Lakes region of the U.S. and home to over 11 million people, Ohio is the 7th most populous and 10th most densely populated among the 50 states. Ohio also ranks third as one of the country’s industrial leaders, and it was ranked second for best business climate by Site Selection magazine in 2010. Despite these figures, tax and debt problems occur in the state on a regular basis.

When it comes to tax, Ohio’s tax rates are not high – ranging from 0.495% to 4.997% and distributed among a total of nine income tax brackets – yet many municipalities charge an additional income tax. Meanwhile, the bankruptcy rate is one of the highest in the country, with over 58,000 bankruptcy petitions filed in 2011 alone. This is where a bankruptcy and tax attorney comes in.

Experienced Bankruptcy and Tax Attorney in Ohio

As an experienced bankruptcy and tax attorney in Ohio, Kenneth L. Sheppard and the team at Sheppard Law Offices are dedicated to helping individuals and small business owners overcome their financial woes. Whether you are facing unpaid taxes, wage garnishments, interest rates, penalties, or anything in-between, rest assured that our tax and bankruptcy attorneys are here to resolve your issues with the IRS on your behalf.

While an accountant may be qualified to resolve financial problems on a local capacity, they do not have the training and legal experience to deal with the IRS on a national scale. The IRS, the Ohio taxation authority, or even local tax authorities have numerous complicated procedures that can be tough to face on your own, which is why your case can greatly benefit from the knowledge of our tax attorney Kenneth Sheppard.

Key IRS Tax Filing Information

  • 2017 Filing Season Begins – January 23
  • Tax Filing Deadline – April 18

What Can a Tax Attorney Do for Me?

A Tax Attorney is a professional that you can turn to when having problems with the IRS. Hiring an expert to assist you with tax problems is the most efficient way to get on the right track, and making sure your problems with the IRS are settled.

Here are 7 quick facts on why a tax lawyer is valuable when dealing with the IRS:

  1. Client – Attorney Confidentiality – All information that is shared with your tax attorney is treated as confidential, and any information will only be shared between your attorney and yourself. You can ask any in-depth questions, and brainstorm all possible scenarios without fear that the information will be held against you.
  2. A Tax Attorney Specializes in Tax Law – While it seems to be cheaper to represent yourself in a tax law issue with the IRS, studying tax law to achieve such a task is not as effective as having a professional by your side. A tax lawyer knows their way around IRS regulations, and can guide you through the process. Regulations vary state to state, and at Sheppard Law Offices we are highly trained in the Ohio State regulations. With an expert from Sheppard Law Offices at your side, overseeing your situation, you can be assured that whatever course of action you take is within the law.
  3. Very Experienced in Dealing with the IRS – Dealing with the IRS can be overwhelming and stressful. A tax attorney will know which approach works best based on your situation and how best to present your defense. At Sheppard Law Offices, our tax attorneys are experienced in advanced negotiation skills, and ensuring that you end up with a reasonable settlement offer.
  4. Find Out All Your Options – A tax lawyer will advise you of what strategy best suits your situation. A tax attorney can also provide you with detailed insight on your interest and possible penalties. People always assume that IRS penalties are 100% accurate when in fact there might be certain fees that your tax attorney can dispute for you.
  5. Time is Money! – The IRS and Treasury Regulations together are about 1,700 pages of data. A tax attorney knows and is trained in this data so they can quickly figure out the best solution for your situation. Not having to tackle tax issues on your own will give you peace of mind.
  6. Don’t’ Miss Out on Any Deductions – Travel, Equipment, and many other items may be deductible business expenses. A tax attorney can help you optimize ways to offset your income.
  7. Frequently Changing Laws – IRS and other tax laws are constantly changing. Not knowing the new laws and regulations can allow you to miss opportunities to lower your settlement. Hiring a tax attorney can be your insurance to making sure that you do not miss any opportunities.

What is the IRS?

The IRS stands for the Internal Revenue Service. It is an agency that collects tax revenues for the United States federal government. The IRS performs tasks from processing tax returns, collection of taxes, enforcing tax laws, and interpreting tax laws written by Congress.

What is a IRS Tax Audit?

An IRS audit is a review of your accounts and financial information to ensure it is reported correctly according to the tax laws and to verify the amount of tax reported to the IRS is correct.

For more information on IRS Audits, visit the IRS website.

Can Sheppard Law Offices Help Me with Tax Preparation?

The tax professionals at Sheppard Law Office provide individuals a resource to get all their taxes prepared in one place. With our affordable up-front flat rate pricing.

We assist individual and married couples at our Ohio Income tax return preparation offices by preparing Federal Income Tax Returns, State Income Tax Returns, and Local Income Tax returns.

Our income tax Preparations services handle all your income tax returns to ease the pain of filing yourself. The tax attorney at Sheppard Law Offices works with you to determine the best way to file, and help you keep as much of your money as possible. We can review your situation and help you to make the decision that will best suit the needs of you and your family.

How Can a Attorney Help Me with Tax Relief?

Tax situations shouldn’t be taken softly, or thought of as a situation that can be ignored and will just go away.  At Sheppard Law Offices, we can help you along the way in making a complicated process easier to handle.

A tax lawyer, and sometimes called a tax litigation lawyer can help you with:

Many people make errors when filing taxes, if the IRS accuses you of a serious crime such as tax evasion, failure to collect employment taxes, or filing false documents, a tax attorney can help you.

Fraud includes acts such as:

  • Intentional understatement of income
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Hiding income or assets
  • Engaging in and hiding illegal activities
  • Failure to make tax payments

Where is my Tax Return?

Go to the Ohio Department of Taxation’s refund inquiry web form.

What are Delinquent Taxes?

Delinquent tax refers to the tax that is unpaid after your expected payment due date. A penalty is most likely attached to the over due payment.

There are three things that can happen to your account if it becomes delinquent:

  1. Penalties and interest begin to accrue until the balance is paid.
  2. If you don’t respond to notices and your account continues to be over due, it is then passed onto a revenue agent for collection.
  3. The revenue agent will contact you by phone, letter or in person, to resolve the unpaid taxes.

What Happens If I Get a Tax Lien?

If you get a Lien the IRS puts your balance due on the books, and sends you a bill that explains how much you owe. This Bill is a letter that is known as a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien”.

To get rid of a lien, you need to pay your tax debt in full, and the IRS will release the lien within 30 days.

If you’re unable to pay your Lien, contact Sheppard Law Offices to see what your best settlement options are.

What Happens If I Get a Tax Levy?

A levy is defined as “a legal seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt”. The IRS will use a levy to take your property to satisfy your tax debt.

There are 4 types of tax levies, they include:

  1. Wage Garnishment
  2. Levy on your financial accounts
  3. Levy on your property
  4. Levy on social security benefits

If you get a Levy DO NOT ignore it.  If the IRS doesn’t get a response within 30 days of sending a levy notice, a tax levy will be placed on your property and assets.

Contact Sheppard Law Offices to help you settle your levy in the best scenario for your situation, and get a payment plan or settlement that will best suit you.

Where Can I get IRS Forms?

Visit the IRS forms and instructions page of their website to get information and any form that you may need. Your tax attorney can help with these forms to make sure that you get the best settlements, returns and more.

Tax and Debt Relief Solutions

Attorney Sheppard’s primary goal is to arm individuals and small business owners with the required information and successfully negotiate their financial freedom. Sheppard Law Offices proudly provides tax and debt relief solutions to clients across Ohio, including Columbus, Newark, Mt. Vernon, Canton, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville, Releigh, Greenville, Concord, Asheville, Greensboro, Burlington, Cherryville, Westerville, high Point, and more.


When you need a top-quality bankruptcy and tax attorney in Ohio, please do not hesitate to call (877) 505-9455 or complete our online contact form today. You can count on our training and unsurpassed knowledge of IRS rules and regulations to help you achieve tax and debt relief in a quick and efficient manner!

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