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Why You Should Hire a Local Family Law Attorney

Family law in Ohio is intricate. Proceedings encompass a complicated array of precedents, procedures, and negotiations. A family law attorney can help you navigate the legal complexities of a divorce, child custody proceeding or bankruptcy. Gaining experienced representation is certainly a smart legal decision. But it’s also a smart emotional decision. 

Most people dealing with divorce or child custody issues will feel some measure of uncertainty and distress. And in the midst of that turmoil, the thought of navigating a family law proceeding might leave you feeling understandably overwhelmed. A family law attorney can offer you a calm and objective perspective during a difficult time of emotional transition. Also, third-party mediation and conflict resolution can typically lead to a swifter resolution with less conflict.

If you’re looking for a child custody or divorce lawyer in Ohio, here’s how Sheppard Law Offices can help.

4 reasons you should hire an Ohio family law attorney

Knowledge of Ohio family law

While the state of Ohio does allow you to file for divorce without an attorney, taking that route can leave you at a significant disadvantage. 

Family law is complicated and difficult to navigate without prior experience. An Ohio divorce law attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you build a strong case from the many precedents that shape a child custody or divorce proceeding. 

For matters involving child custody and support, an experienced child custody or divorce attorney will be able to help you assemble the strongest possible case from the facts at hand, representing your interests throughout challenging court proceedings such as opening statements, calling of witnesses, and cross-examination.

Good financial advice

The dissolution of a marriage often has lasting financial implications, including the possibility of bankruptcy. A family law attorney can help you file for bankruptcy, offering advice on when to file, and how to proceed if your spouse is unwilling to participate.

Your divorce lawyer can help you proactively resolve taxation complications, a common consequence of relationship dissolution. If divorce proceedings become adversarial, a divorce lawyer can help you protect your assets, forcefully representing your interests if necessary during the division of any shared assets. 

Determining levels of child support begins with a calculation based on the income of both parties. However, the Ohio Revised Code makes provision for altering child support based on several deviating factors, such as assets, debts and ongoing expenses. An Ohio child custody attorney can help you bring these additional considerations to light so that they can be taken into account.

Objective, clear-headed mediation

Divorce proceedings are frequently contentious. It’s not uncommon for emotions to run high. A divorce attorney can provide calm and seasoned counsel, offering you an objective point of view during an emotionally charged situation.

A child custody attorney is experienced in handling detailed and potentially conflict-prone custody issues such as visitation, health insurance, and child support. When your emotions run high, a family law attorney is better positioned to present a calm, strong, and factual case on your behalf.

Your best chance of a swift, positive outcome

Any family legal dispute can leave both parties mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted. A skilled Ohio divorce lawyer or child custody attorney can move you through the legal process considerably faster than you’ll achieve by going it alone. Moving swiftly to the best possible outcome gives you the best chance of moving past emotional upheaval and getting on with the rest of your life.


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Ultimately, choosing to work with a skilled family law attorney is your best path to a swift and minimally contentious result. This helps everyone: you, the other party, your children and your family as a whole. 

If you’re based in Columbus, Ohio, and dealing with the stress and uncertainty of a divorce or child custody issue, Sheppard Law Offices can offer you seasoned legal guidance on Ohio Family Law. Our team of Ohio-based divorce and child custody lawyers take pride in having helped our many clients successfully navigate the Ohio legal system.

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