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Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer

If you and your spouse have recently separated, you are likely considering next moves when it comes to pursuing a divorce proceeding. Many people consider hiring a divorce lawyer to assist them through the process, but you may be wondering, is it really worthwhile? There are many reasons why hiring a divorce lawyer in Columbus can not only help you complete the divorce proceeding as smoothly as possible, but in some cases, a divorce lawyer can also help protect your assets and get you the support you deserve from your spouse.

At Sheppard Law Offices, we are dedicated to providing our clients with personalized, effective and caring legal services for all divorce, child custody and separation cases we take on. Our experienced divorce attorneys have decades of experience helping Columbus residents transition out of their marriages and move forward towards a brighter future. Contact us for a free consultation today!

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer is a Smart Move

Navigating a divorce in Columbus can be overwhelming, and that’s why our experienced divorce lawyers are here to help. There are 5 main reasons why we believe hiring a divorce lawyer as soon as you separate from your spouse is one of the smartest moves you can make to ease your burden and protect your future.

  • Mitigating expenses
    • Divorce can be expensive. Hiring a divorce lawyer can help protect your assets, especially if many shared assets are on the table for division, or if the divorce proceeding has become contentious. A divorce attorney can also help with tax issues that may arise during a divorce, which is a common occurrence.
  • Assistance with paperwork
    • In Ohio, there are several important steps that are critical in order to complete a divorce proceeding. A divorce lawyer can help you navigate this process, which can be overwhelming for those without a legal background or understanding of the process.
  • Child custody
    • If children are involved, child custody issues can be overwhelming to handle alone. Not only are emotions running high during divorce proceedings, but striving to decide on the most beneficial course of action for your children can add understandable stress to the situation.
  • Mediation
    • If the divorce is contentious, a divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal system while you handle the emotional transition. Hiring a divorce lawyer will ensure that an objective party is present and can help mitigate the emotionally-charged situations that can often end in arguments. 
  • Quick resolution
    • Divorce is a major life change. Having an experienced divorce lawyer on your side can make all the difference in achieving a positive outcome. At Sheppard Law Offices, our experienced divorce attorneys work hard to ensure your divorce proceeding is completed as quickly and easily as possible.

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Are you facing a divorce proceeding in Columbus and are unsure of where to turn? Contact the dedicated divorce lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices today for a free consultation! Our experienced legal team has assisted hundreds of Central Ohio residents navigate the divorce process and emerge on the other side with the assets and freedom they deserve. 

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