What Does Ohio's New Tax Deadline Mean for You?

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What Does Ohio’s New Tax Deadline Mean for You?

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting every aspect of daily life, from children going to school remotely, to enforceable social distancing rules. The influence of this pandemic is felt in all industries, businesses and fields, including the IRS. In mid-March, it was announced that due to the Coronavirus epidemic, all Ohio individual and school district income tax returns, payments with returns, and estimated payments with due dates from April 15, 2020 through June 15, 2020 would be extended to July 15, 2020, without interest or penalty. While this extension affects all individual and school district income tax returns, it can still make taxes more difficult. At Sheppard Law Offices, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of these complex extensions, payments and returns. 


Do I really have until July 15th to file my State taxes?

Yes, the Ohio state government has been extended the due date to July 15th, 2020. However, it doesn’t mean you have to wait. If you’re able, it’s still highly encouraged that you file when you can. An earlier filing means that you’ll be able to get your tax refund sooner. 


What about federal taxes?

Federal taxes have also been extended until July 15th, 2020. Individuals and businesses have until then to file and make payments without accruing interest or penalties. Again, if possible, you should file as soon as you can to ensure you get your return faster. 

While this extension is a pleasant surprise to many people, it doesn’t help if you’re already having tax problems. At Sheppard Law Offices, we can help. Whether you’re dealing with foreclosure, personal bankruptcy, wage garnishment or more, our professionals can work with you to develop a plan of action. 

Taxes are confusing enough without having to worry about this tax extension. The tax professionals at Sheppard Law Offices can work with you to deal with your tax problems. Whether you’re dealing with an IRS Tax audit, back taxes, or negotiations, you need a tax lawyer. 

As a small local business, Sheppard Law Offices understands how the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting small businesses across Ohio and the country. This is a difficult situation for everyone, and the professionals at Sheppard Law Offices are here to help. If you’re a small business that is struggling during this time, we can work with you to get through it, together. We’re ready to guide you through your financial options and determine your best course of action. 

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