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Experienced Federal Tax Attorney Kenneth L Sheppard, Jr. Assists Clients on Even The Most Difficult Taxation Issues

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Tax relief attorneys Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. and Jennifer E. Donahue at Sheppard Law Offices focus on providing tax assistance and relief to individuals and businesses. Attorney Sheppard is a highly qualified IRS tax attorney representing clients in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully resolve your Pennsylvania and Federal IRS taxation issues. Facing Federal IRS audits? Need of help with back taxes, unpaid taxes, unfilled tax returns, IRS penalties, interest rates, IRS bank levies or removing wage garnishments? Ken Sheppard, Jr., the tax attorney at Sheppard Law Office works with the IRS to negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf.

Experienced Federal tax attorney Kenneth L Sheppard, Jr. assists clients on even the most difficult taxation issues to get the tax relief you need. Sheppard tax is a highly successful law firm at resolving wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, tax audits as well as setting up payment plans to the IRS and offers in compromise to resolve federal tax problems.

Work with a Pennsylvania Tax Attorney to Solve Your Tax Problem

If you’ve received a tax notice and are unable to pay your back taxes in full, you should immediately contact a Pennsylvania tax attorney. Your IRS tax attorney can:

  • Review letters you’ve received from the IRS and Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.
  • Ensure that the government has correctly calculated your tax bill, plus interest and penalties.
  • Communicate with the government on your behalf.
  • Analyze your financial situation to help determine how much you could afford for an IRS payment plan.
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of installment payments and an offer in compromise (OIC), and determine which is right for you.
  • Review your tax situation to see if you’d be eligible spouse relief or tax discharge through personal bankruptcy.
  • Apply for IRS tax relief solutions, such as penalty abatement or an OIC, on your behalf.

The Average Tax Return in Pennsylvania is as Follows:

PA Tax Attorney

Pennsylvania State Tax: Personal Income Tax

Pennsylvania’s personal income tax is calculated as a flat rate of 3.07% for a person the earns over $33.00 an hour, of taxable income.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue divides a person’s income into 8 categories:

  1. Gross Wages
  2. Interest
  3. Dividends
  4. Net Income – or loss from business, profession or farm
  5. Net Gain – Or loss from sale/property
  6. Net Income – or loss from rent, royalties, patents or copyrights
  7. Net income – or loss from estates and trusts
  8. Gambling Winnings

When it comes to lose or gains you must claim it on that years return. Losses and gains are unable to be carried over year to year, also one class of income may not affect another category (or class) of income.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue collect personal income in 3 ways:

  1. Estimated and final payments from an individual
  2. Employer withholding
  3. Estimated withholding from non-state resident partners or shareholders.

Understanding IRS Tax Liens

The IRS won’t accept overdue payments, regardless of your situation, so it is best to be on top of paying your return as soon as possible. If your late and don’t take the necessary steps, like calling to make a payment plan with the IRS, the IRS could Levy your bank accounts and wages, or take any other assets.

After these steps are put in place, the IRS could also file for a “Notice of Federal Tax Lien” on a delinquent taxpayer which will result with a negative impact on a person credit rating.

If you need help with an IRS tax Lien, in Pennsylvania, let Sheppard Law Offices get you the best offer. Call us today to get your life back on track.

Need Help with an IRS Tax Levy?

When debts are not paid to the IRS it can lead to the IRS taking possession of a person’s property. Refusing to pay back one’s taxes can trigger a levy which means that the IRS can seize your property to sell it and pay what is owed to them.

If you need help with an IRS tax Levy, in Pennsylvania, look no further that Sheppard Law Offices. Call us today to get your life back on track.

Owe the IRS? There are IRS Payment Plan Options

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? Are you having trouble paying your Federal taxes? You are not alone.

If your unable to pay your taxes by the deadline on your return, then you can speak to a tax attorney to get you a month to month payment plan with the IRS. A Pennsylvania tax attorney can get you the best offer with the IRS, so you would be living pay to pay.

There are 3 types of payment plans available through the IRS, they include:

  1. Individual Installment Agreements – This plan applies to a person that makes $50,000 in a year or less. To request this type of payment, plan your Pennsylvania Tax Attorney at Sheppard Law Offices can help you with your IRS request forms properly. The form that will need to be filled out, includes IRS Form 9465 (Installment Agreement Request).
  2. Installment Agreements for an Individual that makes over $50,000 in a year – If you fall into this payment plan option, your Pennsylvania tax attorney can help you fill out the IRS forms needed to be accepted for a payment plan. These forms include Form 9465 (Installment Agreement Request), and IRS Form 433-F (Collection Information Statement).
  3. Small Business Installment Agreement – Business that owe $25,000 or less in back taxes can request what is called an “In-Business Trust Fund Express” or what is also called an IBTF-Express IA. This payment plan in most cases does not include your financial statement, but the business must have employees hired. This form if accepted gives the business 24 months to fully pay off their back taxes and outstanding debt owned. Contact the Pennsylvania tax attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices for more information.

Installment Agreement Fees in Pennsylvania

There is a cost when it comes to an installment agreement with the IRS. This fee is $120.00 to set up a standard agreement, then there is a $52.00 fee to set up a Direct Debit agreement. If you make below a certain amount of money, you can fill out form 13844 (application for reduction user fee for installment agreements). If this IRS form is accepted then the fee for setting up an installment agreement is then lowered to $42.00.

Sheppard Law Offices federal IRS tax Investigation & Research Service

If you are uncertain of your tax situation with the IRS? Sheppard Law Offices federal IRS tax Investigation & Research Service can research and summarize the needed information to negotiate your tax debt more successfully. Whether you are facing Pennsylvania local or federal tax issues, Sheppard tax relief service can assist you with your IRS Federal or local Pennsylvania tax situation. Don’t Face the IRS alone! Whether you are in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Scranton, Bethlehem, Lancaster or another Pennsylvania city, Tax Attorney at Ken Sheppard, Jr. serves Pennsylvania and Nationally for tax relief issues.

Federal and Local tax law attorney Kenneth Sheppard, Jr.

Facing tax situations with the IRS can be a daunting task. Taxation rules set forth under Internal Revenue Service Code are complex, and Revenue Officers and Agents are required to adhere to detailed policies and procedures when enforcing federal taxation rules. Although accountants and enrolled agents provide a valuable service to their clients in a local capacity in Pennsylvania, they don’t have the same training as the staff and IRS tax relief lawyer at national tax firm, Sheppard Law Offices, Co. LPA. Federal and Local tax law attorney Kenneth Sheppard, Jr. has earned an LL.M. in Taxation (Master’s Degree in Tax Law) and the associates at Sheppard Law Offices are trained in accounting practices, and IRS tax code.

This taxation training, experience, and knowledge provides our clients a powerful combination of ability to cover more aspects of each unique case. Our federal tax relief law office can level the playing field so that you need not be intimidated by the IRS or Pennsylvania taxation authority.

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