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History of Newark

Newark Ohio Bankruptcy

Founded in 1802, Newark has a rich history rooted primarily in business and industry. Many companies established throughout the 19th century continue to thrive today, offering residents both employment and a historic atmosphere. Unfortunately, the city sees its fair share of bankruptcy and tax woes on a regular basis, and this is where a qualified legal specialist comes in.

Struggling to Achieve Debt Relief?

Are you struggling to achieve debt relief and seek professional assistance from a bankruptcy attorney in Newark, OH? If so, look no further than Sheppard Law Offices!

Through our client-centered approach, we proudly help local individuals and small business owners alike achieve debt relief by resolving all manner of bankruptcy and tax issues. Attorney Kenneth L. Sheppard is committed to providing a meticulous evaluation of each individual case, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding your financial future.

At our Newark location, we offer a complete scope of bankruptcy and tax law services, as follows:

At Sheppard Law Offices, we represent individuals and small business owners nationwide, who are facing IRS tax liabilities, penalties, and interest
problems. Many of our clients first need tax preparation services to resolve their tax problems, and we are ready to assist you against the IRS.

We offer Federal, State and Local Income Tax Preparation.

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If you are ready to achieve debt relief by working with our top-rated bankruptcy attorney in Newark, we welcome you to contact us today.

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Affordable Chapter 7 Attorney Fees!

-Individual Filer – $850*
-Joint Filers – $950*
*price excludes obtaining credit reports for each debtor (court costs of $335 are paid by Client separately after bankruptcy filing date in 4 installment payments to the court)

Note: Payment Plans Available: $300 retainer to start the process with our Offices. Retainer is part of the overall total attorney fees.


Our Sheppard Law Offices location is situated near the corner of North 21st Street and Moull Street, located in the Newark Medical and Dental Office complex. Major thoroughfares that can be used to reach our office from all four corners of the city are State Route 16 and State Route 13.

Be it bankruptcy or tax-related issues, Attorney Kenneth L. Sheppard Jr. will be happy to guide you towards a quick and favorable resolution!

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