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Our Delaware Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help You In Drafting Wills, Trusts, And Powers Of Attorney

The questions about what happens after your estate after you die and how are the assets distributed are some of the most common questions people from all around Ohio have. The skilled Delaware lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices have all the answers to your questions and can help you with estate planning.

Our estate planning attorneys in Delaware, Ohio can assist people with all aspects of estate planning, such as creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We can also assist you with asset classification and inventory, how to think about the needs of a loved one, choosing beneficiaries, creating important legal agreements and directives, and other tasks.

You Can Prepare For The Future With The Help Of Our Delaware Estate Planning Attorneys

Anyone at any stage of life and in a variety of situations can gain from estate planning. Our Delaware, Ohio estate planning attorneys can help you determine what should happen to your assets and possessions whether you’re a senior living alone, a single parent, or anybody in between.

Estate planning includes more than just your house; it also includes things like charitable giving, company succession planning, inheritance planning, medical directives, retirement savings, and more. We have experience with many forms of estate planning at Sheppard Law Offices in Delaware, Ohio, and we’re available and prepared to assist you with your particular situation.

Our Estate Planning Services in Delaware

Unorganized estates are a definite way to lead to disagreements and confusion among surviving family members. The most effective approach to arrange your affairs in accordance with your objectives is with a thorough estate plan from the Delaware estate planning lawyers. Make an appointment with us right away to organize your estate and have us create your will, living will, trusts, and powers of attorney.

We can assist you in creating a Will, a Living Will, a Living Trust, or a Power of Attorney for yourself or a loved one in addition to guiding individuals through estate planning difficulties. When it comes to assisting you with the planning, management, and execution of your estate, our estate planning attorneys in Delaware, OH at Sheppard Law Offices bring skill and experience.

Delaware Will Attorneys

Our Delaware, Ohio will attorneys can assist you in drafting a will that will prepare your loved ones for prosperity in the future. No matter your age or stage of life, creating a functional will ensures the financial security of you and your family. If you have considerable assets you want to safeguard even after your passing, creating a will is even more important. We at Sheppard Law Offices are dedicated to providing the consideration and discretion that your particular case requires.

What are Wills and Living Wills?

The two most typical legal papers that estate planning attorneys prepare when it comes to effective estate planning are a Will and a living will. A Will and a living trust address different scenarios, even though both agreements specify how the deceased or incompetent party wants their assets handled.

  • A will is a formal legal document that gives the executor of the estate instructions on how to transfer the assets and property of the decedent in accordance with the willmaker’s last desires. 
  • A living will act as the Principal’s instructions for medical treatment should they become unable to manage their own medical affairs. When the Principal cannot decide for themselves due to a persistent unconscious state or a terminal condition, the living will authorize the Agent to withhold or remove artificial sustenance and water so that the Principal may die naturally.

Here’s Why You Need a Will in Delaware

Even though it is not required by law, having a Will in place before you pass away greatly simplifies things for your surviving family members. When there is no Will, the estate is said to be “intestate,” and the probate court handling the case will choose the administrator at his or her discretion. The administrator, who is normally a member of the deceased party’s immediate family, will frequently ask the court to serve as the case’s fiduciary.

Family disputes and uncertainty are frequently brought on by intestate estates. The estate planning lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices strongly advise creating a Will and/or Living Trust to avoid such from taking place.

What is the Purpose of a Power of Attorney?

In the event that the Principal is unable to manage his or her own affairs, a power of attorney allows an Agent to take control of the Principal’s financial and medical concerns. All financial, medical, and legal decisions are made in the Principal’s best interest by the person granted power of attorney. Our Ohio estate planning lawyers can assist you in choosing an effective agent or power of attorney who will represent you if necessary.

Contact our estate planning attorneys in Delaware, Ohio

With the assistance of our Delaware, Ohio estate planning lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices, the estate planning procedure need not be onerous. We’re here to assist you with estate planning from beginning to end, from identifying assets to preparing crucial legal documents that hold up in court, regardless of the size of your estate or your intentions.

To learn how we can assist you with your estate planning to care for your loved ones when you pass away, call our Delaware law office now to schedule a free In-Person Consultation.

About Delaware

Delaware County, which is in the middle of Ohio, was established in 1808 and was given the Delaware Indians’ name.

Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, was born in Delaware, which is also the location of Ohio Wesleyan University. When Lucy Webb attended Ohio Wesleyan as one of the school’s first female students, Hayes met his future wife.

Every September, the Delaware County Fair, which also offers kid-friendly entertainment and renowned harness racing, honors the county’s agricultural legacy. Over 45,000 people attend the Little Brown Jug, one of the three jewels in the triple crown of Grand Circuit harness racing. The Little Brown Jug is special in that it is the only race of this level that is still held at a county fair.

Delaware County, which is rich in history, contains a large number of structures and locations on the National Register of Historic Places, including Historic Downtown Delaware. The White House named Downtown Delaware a Preserve America Neighborhood, Ohio Magazine named it the Best Hometown, and it also has the distinction of being a Main Street community.

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