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How Can a Tax Lawyer in Ohio Help me?

There are three certainties in life – Death, Taxes, and being confused by taxes. If you’re dealing with convoluted tax codes, deductions and proper filings, you may not know what to do. Even with all the new online filing options, sometimes you need an experienced attorney to make sure you get the biggest refund possible or avoid an audit. Taxes are extremely complex, and it’s important to get things right. Fortunately, the tax lawyers at Sheppard Law Offices can help. A tax lawyer can do a lot to help you, your business and your filing. From negotiating with the IRS, to helping navigate convoluted tax documents, tax lawyers make sure things are done right. Read on to find out what a tax lawyer can do for you!

  1. If you owe back taxes – If you find yourself in a position where you owe an excessive amount of money to the IRS, it may be time to speak with a tax lawyer. A tax lawyer can help you work out a formal agreement with the IRS to establish a payment plan, or even lower how much you owe. 
  2. Starting a business – Starting your own business is an extremely expensive, complicated process. However, it can be made all the easier by hiring a tax lawyer. Tax lawyers are experienced with the ins and outs of business taxes, LLCs and corporations. They can help new business owners file their taxes properly and maximize their refund.
  3. Filing difficult taxes – Filing taxes can be extremely complicated. If you’re running a business, have employees, or are dealing with a particularly complex filing, speaking with a tax lawyer may be a good idea. They can help walk you through write offs, records and employee documentation, and ensure you get through tax season effectively. 
  4. Dealing with the IRS – A call from the IRS is never a good thing, so it helps to have some backup. Having to respond to notices, interviews and other methods the IRS uses to glean information can be exhausting. A tax lawyer can help. Their extensive tax knowledge can be invaluable in determining how much you owe, and how to pay it back. They may even be able to lower your owed tax liability.
  5. Explain complex IRS Documents – Taxes may be unnecessarily complicated, but a tax lawyer can help explain them. From difficult deductions to understanding how the IRS can collect, an attorney can help clear the air so you can get down to business. 
  6. Lower your future taxes – A good tax lawyer can often lower your future taxes too! There are a variety of ways to lower your future taxes, and an attorney can help you figure out which apply to your situation. 
  7. Protect you – Few things have bigger ramifications than doing your taxes incorrectly. Some penalties could be a slap on the wrist, while others can land you in jail. If you’re facing accusations of fraud or other tax related crimes, your first call should be to a tax lawyer. They can help mitigate problems, and fight to keep you out of jail. 

There are a variety of things a tax lawyer can help you with. From reducing how much you owe, to taking deductions you may not have thought of, they’re there to help save you money. If you need help with your taxes, the tax professionals at Sheppard Law Offices can help. Whether you’re facing an audit, or owe back taxes, we can help you deal with the IRS efficiently and fairly.

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