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Given the number of clients that we’ve handled in our years of legal service, a lot of them ask these frequent questions:

  • What happens to your estate after you die?
  • How is my wealth distributed after my death?
  • Where does a Will or a Trust come into play?

At Sheppard Law Offices, we understand that estate planning is a complex legal process that is often difficult to navigate, which is where our experienced estate planning attorney comes in.

Our team of estate planning lawyers in Canton, Ohio, can help individuals and their families navigate the estate planning process. These include setting up Wills , Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney. An estate planning attorney can also help you with the financial and medical aspects of estate management.

You can benefit from speaking with an experienced estate law attorney to help you through this process, no matter the size of your real estate. Schedule a free consultation in our office in North Canton and East Canton.


Contrary to popular belief, anyone can benefit from estate planning. Whether you’re a single Millennial, a senior with grandchildren, or anyone in between, a client at Sheppard Law Offices in Canton, OH will be able to figure out how to direct their assets and belongings.

Estate planning covers more than just your home; it can consist of probate court planning, succession planning for your businesses, charity donations, inheritance planning, medical directives, and trust funds or retirement accounts. Our Canton, OH estate planning attorney team is reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable regarding all types of estate planning and can help you with your unique situation.



At Sheppard Law Offices, our Canton, Ohio estate planning lawyers can help you set up a Will, a living trust, living will, and powers of attorney for you or a loved one. Our estate planning attorneys have the skill and experience to assist you in planning, organizing, and executing your real estate.


Sheppard Law Offices’ Will lawyers in Canton, Ohio can help you oversee the Will creation process to ensure that your loved ones are set up for success years from now. Having a proper Will can allow your loved ones to undergo a smooth and proper probate process.

When you set up a Last Will and Testament, you guarantee your family’s financial wellness, regardless of age or life stage. Establishing a functional Will is even more crucial if you have many assets you want to protect after you are gone.


Our lawyers can also assist you in the creation of different types of Trusts. Trusts are legal documents that could indicate how you want to divide your property, usually after an unfortunate event like death. The type of trust that is used in probate avoidance is called a revocable living trust. In a living trust, as the name suggests, the individual writes their trust while they are still living. After doing so, they appoint trustees that could serve as their substitute if an inevitable accident leads to death or debilitation.


Our law offices can also assist you with establishing your two powers of attorney. The Canton power of attorney lawyers at our law office can help you set up your health care and financial powers of attorney. We’ll work with you to decide if it makes more sense to establish a Will or a living trust, as well as incorporating your living will and powers of attorney. Our probate lawyer’s goal is to ensure that your descendants are financially cared for to avoid future probate issues.

History of Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio is a culturally rich area in the United States, and its history shows the development that took place within the city and the citizens. The city was founded in 1805 and it originally was a prominent manufacturing center. Because of the decline of industrialization, later that century, it shifted its focus to the following industries:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Service

The area was first incorporated as a village in 1822 and it only became a city by 1838. It was named after Canton, China, a memorial to a trader named John O’Donnell, whom the city’s founder, Bezaleel Wells admired.

Tourist Attractions

Once you are in Canton, the whole place is full of cultural hotspots and natural wonders that its citizens can enjoy.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The world of professional football recalls Canton from its origin story. Because of this, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is the city’s biggest tourist destination. The institute of football houses exhibits from all the influential figures in American football, from professional football players to coaches and other personnel.

Some of their special exhibits include recent highlights in American football history, Hall of Fame lockers, and the Black College Football Hall of Fame.

Canton Museum of Art

If you are interested in art, especially locally sourced art, the Canton Museum of Art is one of the artistic hotspots of Northeast Ohio. Opening in 1935, the museum was dedicated to the exhibits of Canton citizens, but has expanded to cater to other American art as well.

Different types of visual arts are exhibited here, from oil paintings, photos and even sculptures. It usually has around 12 special exhibits every year, offering the citizens of Canton a variety of art and media.

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve

Lastly, for the nature enthusiasts, the Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve is an extremely popular outdoor sports place in Canton. These include sports like hiking, biking, and jogging.

The aspect that makes the preserve stand out is its unique climate. This makes it an ideal spot for plants and wildlife. It also has a boardwalk that floats whenever the bog rises in height.

Kids will enjoy the on-site playground, picnic area, and sand volleyball pit, wildflowers, and fascinating animal life throughout the preserve. The boardwalk features signs with interesting information about the area as well.


canton estate planning law firmWe know firsthand how overwhelming the estate planning process can be. But, with the help of our Canton, Ohio estate plan attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices, it doesn’t have to be. Our team is here to help you with the estate planning process from start to finish, no matter the size of your real estate or your wishes. From identifying assets to writing critical legal documents that hold up in court, our legal services are here to help you plan today to take care of your descendants tomorrow.

Our team of lawyers are also well-versed in other practice areas such as family law, elder law and probate law. Contact our team at Sheppard Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can give legal advice to help you with your estate plan. Our goal is to allow you to take care of your loved ones after you’re gone.

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