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Tax Preparation California

Attempting to prep for tax season in California can be a complex, and a frustrating time.  You could end up spending hours on prepping you tax information, which can quite possibly not be correct. Even if you miss one item, it could cost you more than if you hired a tax attorney. A tax attorney will complete the tax preparation process and not miss anything that could help you with your tax return.  

The attorneys at Sheppard Law Offices, serving California, have years of experience in federal state tax laws. Each of our attorneys stay on top of all annual changes. Our tax team is here to make the tax return process less complex.

Our California tax return professional is here to assist you with the following tax preparation services:

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Small Business Tax Return Preparation
  • Partnership Tax Return Preparation
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation
  • Estate Tax Return Preparation
  • Gift Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Identification Number Application Preparation
  • State Tax Return Preparation
  • Prior Year Tax Return Preparation
  • Amended Return Preparation
  • Delinquent Return Preparation

What are the Benefits of Tax Preparation from an Attorney in California

The benefits of having a tax preparation attorney in California are as follows:

  • Avoid Penalties
  • Avoid Legal Issues
  • False Filing Issues
  • Assisting Settlements with Back Taxes
  • Communicating with the IRS on Your Behalf
  • Thorough Filing Completed
  • Fast Filing, Get Your Tax Refund Faster
  • Respond to Tax Notices

Maximizing Your Return Through Effective Tax Return Preparation

At Sheppard Law Offices we analyze your situation with the IRS and we make sure that we calculate any deductions which will help you get the best tax return. We make sure that all our attorneys are up to date with each state’s tax codes.

How Many Years Should I Keep my California Individual Income Tax Records?

We recommend keeping a total of 10 years of your income tax records in your files. The minimum number of years you should keep is 4. If you are mailing your taxes, you should keep a copy of everything that you are submitting.

What Do I Do If I Have Unfiled tax returns?

According to the IRS form “Delinquent Returns – Enforcement of Filing Requirements”, the IRS will require you to be current with your taxes for 6 years.  At Sheppard Law Offices, if you have any amount of years that are unfiled, we can help you become up to date.

How do I Get Up to Date with Unfiled Returns?

For Sheppard Law Offices to help you get up to date with your unfiled tax returns you will need to follow these steps:

  • Gather Your Tax Information
  • Request Missing Documentation from the IRS
  • Download your Prior Years IRS Taxes
  • Prepare Your Back Taxes, if you have any
  • Submit Your Forms

What is an IRS Tax Audit?

An Audit is the examination of what you claimed on your tax return to make sure that the information is accurate. The IRS will select to audit your return if something seems out of the ordinary, and they also do audits at random.

There are 3 main types of IRS Tax Audits:

  • Mail Audits
  • Office Audits
  • Field Audit

How long will my audit take?

All audits can vary for the time that it can take to complete. It all depends on the complexity and situation. Another situation that can affect how long an audit can take is by the information being requested, and the availability when each person can schedule a meeting.

What are my rights?

The article on “Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer” explains your rights when it comes to the examination, appeal, collection and refund process. The Rights include:

  • Professional treatment by the IRS.
  • Privacy and confidentiality about all tax matters.
  • A right to know why the IRS is asking for information, how the IRS will use it and what will happen if the requested information is not provided.
  • A right to be represented by yourself, or an IRS tax attorney.
  • A right to appeal disagreements

What Happens After an Audit

If you approve the audit’s findings that the IRS sent, the next step would be to return a copy of the audit report with IRS Form 870 “consent to Proposed Tax Adjustment”. Once you sign this form, you are agreeing that you indeed had missed information on you tax return. If the audit then shows that you owe taxes to the IRS you can pau it in full, and if your unable to your able to create a payment plan with the IRS.

If you disagree with the audits information, you have 30 days to:

  • Mail your additional documents for the IRS to consider
  • Request a meeting with the audit examiner
  • Discuss your audit with a group or senior managers
  • Request an Appeal

Accuracy Related Tax Penalties

If the IRS finds that you lied on your tax return, you could get a penalty that could be up to 20% of the under paid taxes. In larger cases this penalty could be doubled to 40%.

Below are types of penalties that could result in a IRS tax audit.

  • Negligence or Disregard of Regulations
  • Disregarding IRS Rules or Regulations
  • Substantially Understating Your Taxes
  • Substantially Misstating the Value of Property
  • Substantially Overstating Pension Liabilities
  • Substantially Understating a Gift or Estate
  • Understatements Related to Reportable Transactions

Penalties for Failure to File Returns and Pay Taxes

If you are late filing your taxes or even paying how much you owe the IRS, there is a 5% penalty charged each month.

If your taxes are over 60 days late, there is a minimum penalty of $135. There is a greater penalty if you don’t file your taxes. If you have filed and failed to pay what you own there is less of a penalty added to your account with the IRS.

After an audit, if you don’t pay the amount within 21 days or make a payment plan then the IRS will give you a penalty of 0.5% each month of nonpayment. If an audit results in accuracy-related penalties, fraudulent failure to file tax return or civil fraud, the IRS adds another annual interest of 3%.

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