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IRS Tax Issues Ohio:

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Debt Consolidation California

What is Debt Consolidation?

Are you struggling with not being able to pay the IRS, Credit Card Fees and more? Look no further than Sheppard Law Offices to help you with a process called debt consolidation. With debt consolidation it is the process of taking out a loan to combine everything you owe into a single loan. This process can help you manage all your loans and pay less interest and have a lower monthly payment.

What Steps Should I take Before Consolidating my debt?

When you have debts that become unpaid for months, you will start to hear from creditors. What should be done is you should make sure that you do not miss their calls and call them back to make payment plans and advise them about your situation. If your able to agree on a payment plan with the IRS and other companies, you may not need to go the extra step and consolidate your loans.

If you find that your still unable to make you payments, it would be best to look in the direction of consolidating your loans before your issue becomes more serious.

Can I Consolidate my IRS Debt?

Yes. Like all other financial institutes, you can consolidate your IRS tax debt. Here are the reasons why this may be the best process for you:

  • A bank loan has a lower interest rate then an IRS installment agreement
  • Your able to consolidate your taxes even if you were send a notice of a lien
  • Remove Your IRS debt sooner
  • Start getting a refund from the IRS if you qualify

10 Ways to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

The IRS is always willing to work with a taxpayer to be able to pay their debt. The best way to proceed with this is to contact your California tax attorney. A tax attorney can represent you when speaking to the IRS to make sure your able to get a tax settlement that is in your monthly budget.

The IRS can do many things to get their money from you. From garnishing you wages, seizing your assets, or even placing a lien on your property. To avoid this, there are 10 possible ways that you can go about paying what you own without getting your assets taken. These include:

Get a Professional to help with Debt Consolidation

If you want to explore all your options to resolve the taxes that you owe with the IRS, it is best to fins a professional like a tax attorney, that can help you resolve your issue in the best feasible way. Call Sheppard Law Offices today to speak with a trusted tax attorney to help you in any tax situation.

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 IRS Tax Issues Ohio

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