Brandon Hendrix is a bankruptcy lawyer based in Hilliard, Ohio

Brandon Hendrix

Brandon Hendrix is a bankruptcy lawyer based in Hilliard, Ohio, proudly serving Columbus and the surrounding suburbs. His main areas of practice are bankruptcy and estate planning. Brandon has been on Sheppard Law Office’s team of attorneys since 2019. He’s also an active member of the following associations:

His journey began in Central Pennsylvania, where he enjoys hiking and camping through the Appalachian and Poconos Mountains. One of Brandon’s favorite pastimes is visiting the mountains and exploring nature with his two teenage sons.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2016, Brandon moved north to complete his law degree at the University of Dayton. In 2019, Brandon earned his law degree, while obtaining Juris Doctorate and Cum Laude honors along the way.

When Brandon isn’t working hard on bankruptcy cases, he loves traveling to national parks throughout the United States and visiting other countries. His favorite spot outside of the US is the French Caribbean. Contact us to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Brandon today.

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